Thursday, October 22, 2009

Practice/Qualifying at Volunteer Speedway

After being 14th fastest in the first practice session, things went downhill for the Lambert Racing team throughout the night. 49 cars were signed in for Night #2 of the FASTRAK Grand Nationals and Butch was able to put in a 37th place qualifying effort. The margin between fast time and Butch's effort was less than 7/10ths of a second.

Heat races, b-mains & the 50 lap feature event will take place tonight. We believe Butch will start 8th in the 2nd of 5 heat races. He will need at least a 4th place finish to make the feature from the heat. If not, he will have to qualify through one of the the two b-mains that will take place and will likely need to finish 1st or 2nd to make the feature.

More updates tonight!

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